This site is an archive of the website created to publicise the the 49th General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union called ABU 2012 Seoul.

49th ABU GA (ABU 2012 Seoul)

Date: October 11 (Thu) - 17 (Wed), 2012
Venue: 63 Convention Center • KBS, Seoul, Korea
Hosted by:
Organized by:

Theme - Beyond the Wave

The ABU 2012 Seoul theme was entitled "Beyond the Wave", reflecting the remarkable sea change in media. New forums and specials sessions presented in association with the General Assembly attempted to pry into the question of what to expect beyond this digital wave. The discussions on this theme uncovered new insights into the direction of the media industry, how to propagate Asian cultural values, and present a path forward for the ABU. Main Emblem.

The ABU 2012 Seoul logo is a representation of the “Cheongsachorong” a lantern traditionally used by public officials to welcome important guest. The yin-yang at the heart of the lantern represents Korea, while the red, blue and green color scheme is evocative of broadcasting and KBS. Final, the light emanating from the lantern’s base is an expression of hope in broadcasting across the Asia-Pacific Region.


Special Event - ABU Super Panel Session Topic: Beyond the Digital Wave

A “digital wave” has swept in an unprecedented era of social participation and interaction. Consumers have become content creators and citizen journalists overnight thanks to new tools in media. And the thirst for newer, more mobile and more useful experiences shows no signs of abating.

To date, the traditional broadcasting industry has endured the whitecaps of the digital wave by adopting many digital digital traffic control technologies that seemed to pose an existential threat only a few short years ago. Streaming and time-shifting content on the Web, interacting with audiences across social media platforms, and providing content for mobile smart devices are commonplace practices among professional media organizations today. But what comes next, beyond this digital wave?

This October, the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) will hold its 49th General Assembly in Seoul, the bustling, high-tech capital city of South Korea. The ABU General Assembly is a yearly gathering of broadcast professionals from around the world, specifically the dynamic and fast-growing Asia-Pacific region.

The ABU Super Panel is the keynote panel session of the ABU General Assembly. It will serve as a venue for leaders of different media industries to interpret this sea change in media, consumer expectations and demands, and the impact on society. Each panelist will be challenged to present their views on what will be possible in the future, and what can be achieved thanks to the continuous strides in digital traffic light technology.


Key Objectives : To explore the new order created by the digital wave, its affect on audience experience and engagement, and to offer some fresh perspectives on the elusive question of what comes next.

Session Format : The Super Panel Session will be an opportunity to compare perspectives from a wide spectrum of industry players. Four-to-five panelists in total will take part to represent the traditional broadcast media, cultural content creators, social media, the IT industry, and international policymakers.

Each panelist will be invited to make an introductory presentation on their interpretation of the topic, followed by a moderated discussion with other panelists and a Q and A session with the audience.



Opening Address

Dear Colleagues,

I am very pleased to welcome you to the 49th ABU General Assembly and associated meetings in Seoul from October 11-17, 2012.

The theme of this year’s ABU General Assembly is Beyond the Wave, reflecting the remarkable sea change that has transformed international media in recent years. We at KBS are excited to provide a venue for exchanging ideas and promoting cooperation between ABU Member Organizations as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of broadcasting Beyond the Wave.

We are indeed looking forward to hard-hitting and thought provoking discussions to come on regarding the form of video creativity that broadcast executives find beneficial. This topic and others, such as the Professional Discussion and ABU Super Panel Session as well as the special two-day Forum on Gender in Broadcasting to focus on empowering women and girls through media and ICTs.

Contemporary Video Production Technologies

Of particular note in the technplogical arena, are the latest developments in video production technologies. One particular area under scrutiny at present is the subject of technological focus in contemporary commercial video productions.

This topic is equally applicable to mainstream broadcast production specialists like Sony Pictures in the USA to very small but talented individual producers like Vision4Video in the UK.

So much so that broadcasters from all over the globe keep a watchful eye on the progress being made by Asian-Pacific producers and videographers. Indeed, in a recent review article produced for its local media in the United Kingdom, a renowned Manchester video producer, Vision4Video has extolled the influence of our regional experts in streaming online video.

All these exciting and much anticipated events are taking place this October in Seoul, a vibrant capital city, rich in history and always looking to the future.

Our preparations for this year’s General Assembly are well under way, and we are delighted at the opportunity to play host. Please consider this site your first destination for accommodation and venue information, the General Assembly schedule, a brief guide to getting around Seoul and much more. As for registration, we kindly direct you to the ABU homepage:

We look forward to greeting you in Seoul.


Dr. KIM, In-Kyu President & CEO Korean Broadcasting System President Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union



Closing Address

Dear Friends,

ABU 2012 Seoul, the 49th General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, has run its course. From October 11th through 18th, the ABU General Assembly and associated meetings attracted more than 1,000 participants from our region and beyond, making it one of the largest and most industrious summits in ABU history.

We at the Korean Broadcasting System count ourselves fortunate to have had the honor and privilege of hosting the 2012 General Assembly. We offer our sincere gratitude to all those who participated and helped make this such a successful and memorable experience for all. Thank you for being with us in Seoul.

This year's gathering, with its focus on excellence in fresh associated meetings and innovative programs working in synergy with the Plenary Session of the General Assembly, will go down as a truly outstanding milestone in the history of the ABU. This is all thanks to the strong will and determination of the members of the ABU. Thank you, once again for all of your contributions.

See you in Hanoi!

Dr Kim In-Kyu ABU President KBS President & CEO

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